June 8, 2021

CLINICARE offers the most powerful laser hair removal for all skin types!


Ever wondered if laser hair removal is right for you?

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The Triton platform comes as a breakthrough after almost 30 years of lack of innovation in hair removal technologies. This advanced laser hair removal procedure combines 3 powerful lasers to safely and gently eliminate any unwanted hair on all areas of the body and on ALL skin types, including dark skin! It has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, making the procedures faster and more convenient. In addition, the inbuilt cooling surface will make your procedure virtually painless, resulting in ultimate patient comfort.    

Achieve the smooth and soft skin that you’ve always wanted. Perfect for all areas of the body, head to toe!

It is the only hair removal device approved by Health Canada to simultaneously trigger multiple wavelengths. This makes it one of the most powerful devices on the market. It makes it possible to treat all skin types (including dark and tanned skin) while reducing the number of sessions required to a minimum, both for men and women.


Triton laser hair removal is the most effective method of permanently reducing hair growth. By using the intensity of the three most common wavelengths in hair removal (diode, alexandrite or YAG), it can effectively reach the hair follicles and then heat the hair root and prevent it from growing back.


Following an evaluation by the doctor or technician, the safe, effective and personalized parameters for your skin and hair type will be established for your treatments. Your professional will then use a handpiece to deliver the laser beams to the places of interest. As the Triton is equipped with a cooling plate, the treatment is carried out quickly and comfortably.


The reduction in hair growth is observed gradually after each treatment. Optimal results require an average of four to six sessions spaced a few weeks apart. However, the total number of sessions may vary depending on the region of the body, the type of hair, and the color of the skin.

Safe, gentle, and effective combination wavelength laser hair removal.

All hair removal concerns can de treated with this innovative, effective and unique treatment:

  • Light hair or skin;
  • Dark hair of skin;
  • Fine or coarse hair;
  • Medium complexion and thickness;
  • Stubborn hair;
  • Large body areas;
  • Small sensitive areas.

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